Welcome to Crystal Beach Community Church

At Crystal Beach Community Church everyone is welcome. We are only one segment of the greater Body of Christ located in Crystal Beach, Texas. In our congregation it matters more who is in your heart than the name over the door of a church. We are a non-denominational church where we pray for all Christian denominations and celebrate the diversity. Our mission is to extend love and support to one another. We are a body of believers who have real problems and challenges just like you, but who realize we serve a real God where promises are new every morning. Come by and visit us and share in the new life offered to you through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and people who care.

Our church ministry

No matter your age or life-stage, there’s always a way to get plugged in one of our ministries. Join us on Sundays throughout the year.

Our Focus

To be the Body of Christ who strives to be like Him, by being a church that reaches out and reaches in by Loving God and Loving People. We are not perfect, but we know our God is! We pray for open doors, open windows full of opportunities to serve Him.

Our Beliefs

Beliefs have a great impact on behavior in the Kingdom of God. The more important the behavior in question is, the more important the underlying beliefs must be. Our core belief in Jesus Christ is the very core to our Soul.